Grand South America and Antarctica Ports of Call

Ports of Call

Prisendam Ports of Call 2011

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10 Responses to Grand South America and Antarctica Ports of Call

  1. roy says:

    Looking forward to the updates, not quite like being there, but close.

  2. John Longino says:

    Nice to meet you at the PO in Waleska today. Best wishes on your trip. We are hoping to take our 51′ sailboat through the PC and along the NW coast of S. Amer. (on the way to the Galapagos Isl.s) so we will be following your voyage with particular interest. When you get ready to go to Machu Pichu I have some travel pics of that trip – the train ride from Cuzco etc – that might be of interest to you. Bon voyage! PS – on the sky charts issue – Google Sky is the best and “fits” anywhere.

    • skywizzard says:

      Thanks John,
      I wish you well on your trip to Eastern Europe as well. Your sail boat cruise sounds fantastic. We are not going to make the Galapagos Islands this time but will be visiting the Ballestas Islands, we are hoping to get the Galapagos when we make the Machu Pichu trip. Thanks for the offer of the photos, I would love to see them. I agree Google Sky is great, but I expect to be in many places where internet & phone service is slow to nonexistent. Thanks for your interest, I plan to post photos regularly.

  3. Allison Speer says:

    Bon Voyage, Kay and Wendell… we certainly miss Kay already here at Tellus, but I will keep a watchful eye on your trip while you’re gone! And, Kay, don’t forget the most important rule – Have SO MUCH Fun!

  4. Becky says:

    Trust me, you won’t come away from Rio’s H. Stern Workshop empty handed!

  5. Judy Allen says:

    I hope everyone is well by now! It is awful to be ill on a trip. Your pictures are so good, Wendell. Thanks for doing all this blogging , it is so informative. Judy

  6. Jeff and Wanda Shue says:

    Please wish Carl a happy birthday from the Shue’s!
    And Wanda says, someone please feed Carl…he looks thin in these photos!

  7. Enjoying your blog now that I can read it via high speed internet.

  8. A.Kerkhof says:

    Wendell a very nice website , we where on the same trip and we met eachother please can you contact me?


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