It all began innocently enough. Just over a year ago, our friends Carl and Janet Wellborn returned from a cruise with Holland American. During their cruise they had the “opportunity” to look at other offering of the cruise line. They were entertaining the idea of doing a 33 day cruise to South America and mentioned this to our other friends Sandra and David Jarvis. The Jarvis’ in turn brought the idea to Kay and I. Eventually it was agreed that it would be fun for the group of us to take a cruise of this nature. It was actually a 66 day “Grand Voyage” to South America, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica. Janet and Carl were considering one “leg” of the cruise which would involve either flying from the states to South America or the opposite, depending on the “leg” of the cruise chosen. I, ever being the analytical one, began to look into the cruise being considered. After some study and getting a few quotes for the cruise and quotes for airfare, I declared that if we were going to do 33 days, we might as well do the full 66 days. The cost was a bit more but we did not have international airfares which were considerable.

To my surprise, it didn’t take long to convince everyone this was a good idea (well actually all the guys were for it from the beginning, but the ladies took a little longer). At any rate, thus began our adventure.

The past 12 months have involved a great deal of research, planning and organization. From my perspective this is part of the fun of travelling. I always enjoy the information gathering and the making of arrangements, no matter how much I complain about it.

In this blog, which is my first effort at publishing a blog, I will try to convey as much as possible the good and the bad, the joys and the heartbreaks and the trials and tribulations of planning and making a trip of this nature. I also hope to share many images of the people and places we visit.

To borrow a term from Stephen King, Kind Reader, please bear with me and excuse the poor grammar, misspelling, and just poor journalism in general as you read through my musings. Hopefully the intent of my postings will come through. Once we set sail, I will be relying on the ship’s internet service which can be slow and sometimes non-existent, as well as expensive. My intent is to compose my thoughts in Microsoft Word and then post directly to the blog. As a result, the formatting I am sure, will leave something to be desired in regard to photo placement, etc. I trust you will understand.

Please enjoy our travels with us and feel free to post comments.


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4 Responses to Prolog

  1. roy says:

    I am looking forward to experiencing the trip, even if it’s only vicariously. There seems to be no spell check on responding, so cut me some slack on “vicariously” if it is not the right spelling, it is as close as I can come on my own.

  2. skywizzard says:

    Really Roy, do you think I would be able to recognize if you misspelled vicariously? Spelling was the only subject in 17 + years of education that I ever actually received a failing mark…..

  3. Barbara Bohm says:

    Dale and I will follow your trip daily.


    • skywizzard says:

      Thanks Barbara,

      I hope you and Dale enjoy my musings and photos. If you click on the “subscribe” button and enter your email, you will be notified anytime I make a new post.

      I hope you and Dale enjoy your winter in Florida, I know you will certainly be warmer than staying in GA. I look forward to seeing you guys in the spring.


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