24 Days Until…


With just over 3 weeks remaining until we depart on our cruise, thing are beginning to come together. We received our final vaccination last week, the third in a series of 3 hepatitis A and B shots over a period of six months. This was added to the required Yellow Fever vaccination and the recommended Typhoid. Of course we also have received the seasonal flu and tetanus/pertussis vaccines as well.
I was beginning to feel like a pin cushion! I have acquired prescriptions from my physician, Brad Ward, for the antibiotics azrithromycin and ciprofloxin as well as other possible prescription drugs which might be need on a trip of this length to tropical countries. I also have begun the gathering of non-prescriptions items which might be needed. I guess being a pharmacist tends to make me a little anal about not having access to needed supplies in the case of illness or a small emergency. More than likely I will be bring back the majority of what I carry, at least let us hope so…. 

Another milestone and and moment of relief occurred last week also. We finally received our visas and passports back from the Brazilian Consulate in Atlanta. It only took 5 weeks, about $450.00, and a great deal of anxiety. Brazil is the only country of the 13 or so we will be visiting during this trip to require a visa before departure. It is our understanding that Brazil does this in reciprocity to the United States requirement for Brazilians. This I understand, but it is a shame that ordinary American and Brazilian citizens as well, have to suffer in time, effort and money because of their countries diplomatic spats. Anyway, all of us are relieved to have our passports back with the “official” stamp of approval from Brazil that we may enter their country. At least the Visa’s are now good for 10 years, so I guess we should start planning another trip! 

We have also received the news that our luggage will be picked up by FedEx on December 27. This was the incentive for me to begin sorting through what I will take for the 66 days journey through 4 seasons. Thank goodness that our travel package with Holland America included the transportation of two pieces of luggage each, from home to the ship and back. This allows us to carry more than would be possible otherwise and makes the transportation of our checked luggage to be of a manageable size.

Well, I guess I will stop for tonight. I have got to make some more choices, does the blue Hawaiian shirt go, or my favorite, dingy, holey t-shirt make the cut…. decisions, decisions, decisions…..

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2 Responses to 24 Days Until…

  1. roy says:

    Be sure to take the thong, or “grape smuggler” for the Facebook pictures.

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