15 Days until….

It’s hard to believe that it is just 2 weeks until we depart for Fort Lauderdale. It’s been a busy week; we had our youngest son and his family this past weekend for Christmas. Unfortunately they will not be able to be with us on Christmas day, but we enjoyed their visit very much. They also enabled us to check off one more box as completed for the cruise. They took Daisy, our four legged family member to live with them in South Carolina for the next three months. We are already missing herL.

This past week I had to deal with the cancelation of a scheduled tour in Valparaiso Chile which had been previously arraigned. The tour guide had to cancel because his visa was not renewed and he had to return to Brazil. The operator, Tours By Locals, contacted me and put me in touch with another guide and we were able to make new arrangements which are even better than the original ones. This wasn’t really a big problem but did entail several emails, and phones calls from Chile and Canada (where Tours by Locals) is located. This was just one of many minor details which have had to be dealt with.

Our luggage is scheduled to be picked up by FedEx next Monday (6 days). We have begun packing in earnest now. As previously mentioned, Holland America is transporting 2 pieces of luggage each from home to ship and back. The problem is, we have to decide what we can do without for the week between when the luggage ships and when we ship. The biggest problem involves our New Years Eve Party, since most of our formal ware will be packed for the cruise. I could always go in jeans and polo, I know I would be more comfortable!

In addition to the luggage shipped, we plan to check one bag, and have our carrions’. My carryon will be mostly , lenses and accessories. I can’t bring myself to check this equipment.
The remaining check bag will have an extra change of clothing for us as well as our medications and other essentials. We are staying in the Westin in Fl Lauderdale where our Travel Agent, Cruise Specialist is having a departure dinner for our South America Grand Voyage (66 days) as well as Holland America’ Around the World Grand Voyage (110 days). It is unusual for two Grand Voyages to depart at the same time from the same port. This should be a fun event and a chance to meet some of our fellow travelers.

Well, we still have a lot to do but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am looking forward for the cruise beginning so I can begin to post the actual travel log and photos, but this has been a good exercise for me to learn the process of posting from my laptop.

Thanks to everyone who is reading. I hope you enjoy our travels.

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1 Response to 15 Days until….

  1. Carmelita Rhymer says:

    When Kay said ya’ll would be cruising for 66 days, it was hard to believe. When I heard there were 2 other couples I understood. Have a great time.

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