10 days and counting


 I’m writing this late Christmas night, and it has been a great day. Remembering God’s gift to mankind, spending time with friends and family, enjoying gifts and food and as an added bonus we have a white Christmas. The one thing which could have made it better would be having our youngest son Clint and his family with us. BUT, they were here last weekend so I’m not complaining. .

This photo is from our back yard about 9:00 PM tonight. If all goes as planned, in two weeks we will be spending the day on a private catamaran off the cost of Barbados, before sailing for Devils Island off the coast of French Guyana. That will be some change in scenery and temperature!

We received our FedEx shipping labels this week and spent most of one day packing. This has allowed me the luxury of continuously removing items I decide I can live without and adding items I suddenly have realized I cannot live without. Unfortunately, it seems there are more items in the latter category than the first.

The luggage is scheduled to be picked up Monday afternoon so I better get my decisions finalized soon. We are able to ship 4 LARGE pieces of luggage via FedEx and we plan to check one bag at the airport and each have a carryon. Our concern now is that the weather will have improved enough that the FedEx truck can ascend the steep hill to our community.

A sign of the times is the quantity of technical gear I am carrying; cameras, lens, tripods, flash and accessories. Then I must have my laptop and extra portable hard drives for backup. There are associated cables, extra cables (in case one fails), GPS for the camera, extra batteries, battery charges (and extras again in case of failure), etc., etc. It is truly amazing how much “support equipment” is needed to make a nerd like myself feel comfortable leaving home. I am still concerned about not having 24 hour broadband internet service, but I am counting on being so busy that it won’t be missed.

Also this week I finalized transportation with a limousine service. We are to be picked up about 8:30 AM Tuesday the 4th for our 12:20 flight. After considering several options we decided this was the best method to get 6 people and their luggage to Atlanta and then back home again in March.

It’s late so I will sign off. I hope everyone who is reading my blog had a wonderful Christmas, and were able to spend it with family and friends as I did.

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