Whew, it’s finally time to travel!


What could be more exciting than getting up at 5:00 AM?



Perhaps fighting Atlanta traffic?

Or arriving at the world’s busiest Airport?

Well, all of the above at least for us in the morning! We are finally starting the trip we have been planning for the past 14 months. It hardly seems possible that we have been charting and anticipating this voyage for that long. Like my mama used to say, “Son don’t wish your life away, time passes faster the older you get”. Well, it sure seems true mom. Remember anticipating Christmas and thinking it was never going to arrive? Our Christmas has arrived, and I am still not sure that I am fully prepared for it. I have been going over check lists, making sure all the bills are paid or arranged to be paid. Mail is being forwarded, newspapers stopped, insurance agents, financial advisors and credit cards notified. Airline boarding passes printed, ship boarding passes printed; yes we have our passports, drivers license and yellow fever vaccination papers.

Luggage has already arrived at the pier, except the one checked bag and carryon’s we are taking. Appliances turned off, water to be turned off in the morning and hot water heater drained. Neighbors notified and arrangements made for emergencies. Limousine service contacted to reaffirm pickup at 8:00AM.

Lest you think I am writing this for your reading amusement, kind reader, I am not; this is how I reassure myself that everything is taken care of! Now it will be your responsibility if I have missed anything J the ball is in your court! (At least that is what I will tell my wife).

Seriously, we are very excited. We had dinner at Applebee’s this evening. No one has any food at home. We have removed all perishables on the property and that doesn’t leave a great deal for nourishment. We covered last minute preparations and reminded each other of things we might have overlooked.

Our flight arrives in Ft. Lauderdale at about 2:15 tomorrow afternoon. Holland America is supposed to have someone there waiting for us for transportation to the Westin. Tomorrow evening we will be hosted by our travel agent, Cruise Specialist, to cocktails and dinner. We will have our first opportunity to meet some of our fellow travelers. Passengers booked with Cruse Specialist from both our cruse and the 110 day World Grand Voyage are invited to the dinner.

Wednesday, late morning, we will be provided transportation from the hotel to the pier, were we may begin the check in process and eventually board the ship. We are hoping to be onboard by 1:00 PM. The sailing time is scheduled for 5:00PM.

Thus begins our 66 day adventure with the Prinsendam’s South America and Antarctica Grand Voyage.

Please keep checking in, as I hope to update with photos and minimum commentary on a regular basis.

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3 Responses to Whew, it’s finally time to travel!

  1. Brian Jory says:

    Bon voyage, mon frere. Keep us posted.

  2. fred mabry says:

    Wendell, send me an email so I can include you in the limited emails on my cruise.

  3. Dick & Cynthia Rubant says:

    We expect that you will have a late spring program of your 66 days cruise at the Soleil ballroom before a “sold out” crowd. For my good friend Carl, we went to water aerobics on Wednesday and missed your smiling face. Poker at my house next Wed. & you will be missed again!!

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