Day 22 – Wednesday, January 26 – Maceio, Brazil

Ok, I have to admit that I didn’t have what I said I was going to have for dinner last evening. In the interest of full disclosure, and for a couple of blog followers who have requested more information about the food, this was my dinner last night as described in the menu.

Crab and Shrimp Tower with Avocado Salsa, The sweet meat of Alaskan crab and bay shrimps with diced ripe avocado and fresh tomato, gently combined with olive oil, lime and cilantro. This was followed with Spiced Peach and Ginger chilled soup, a refreshing blend of peach and ginger with low-fat buttermilk and apple juice. (I know that sounds like an unlikely combination, but believe me, it was delicious) The entrée was Spanish Paella, a traditional rice dish accompanied with fragrant chicken and pork stew with saffron flavor, andouille sausage, stewed with tomatoes, olives, bell peppers topped with grilled prawn, mussels, clams and green peas. This was one of the favorite entrées I have had! The combination of flavors was incredible. For dessert I had Banoffee Pie, caramelized banana pie with whipped cream, toffee and chocolate sauce. This was accompanied by my customary double espresso. Delicious!

Spanish Paella


Moving on to today; our original itinerary called for us to be at Fernando de Noronha today. To my disappointment this port was changed before we sailed. Instead today we arrive at Maceio. Maceio is the capital and the largest city of the costal state Alagoas, Brazil. The city is located between Maudau Lake and the Atlantic Ocean. The city began as an old sugar mill and plantation complex around the 19th Century. Its development started with the arrival of ships carrying wood from Jaragua Bay. With the installation of sugar mills, Maceio started to export sugar, then tobacco, coconut, leather and some spices. Maceio has developed into a city that, in 2006, registered a population of over 900,000. In the last thirty years the tourist industry has transformed the coastal areas of the city into vibrant centers of entertainment for Brazilian and foreign tourists.

We docked this morning around 7:00 AM. It was announced the ship had cleared customs around 8:00 AM. After a light breakfast, we took the shuttle into town. The ship provided buses which operated continuously. It was about a 30 minute round trip so there was almost no waiting to either go or come from the ship by bus. We didn’t have anything especially planned so we just walked along the beach and visited a couple of markets. Maceio is a beautiful city, very clean and well maintained. The residents and merchants we met were friendly and courteous; as were the drivers when attempting to cross the streets. Unfailingly the vehicles would stop on the busy street and allow you to cross. We spent about two hours ashore and then returned to the ship for lunch.

Having nothing else to add about Maceio, I will leave you with a few photos and follow up with responses to a few comments left on the blog.

Sunrise just before arriving in Maceio

Beach scenes


Out of the water!



A young boy enjoying breakfast at the market

Going to work

Another street vendor

Market colors

The avenue adjacent to the beach

Now to address a few comments:


Hi Wendell,

This was very informative especially for planning purposes and interesting about Carnival shareholder option. I was wondering if you or Kay have attended any of the culinary cooking demonstrations or if they have trivia on board. When I’ve been on Princess we usually get a “Patter” everyday about the days activities. Do you get one of those everyday? We’re loving the blog Paul

Paul, one of our group, Janet has attended one of the culinary cooking demonstrations. She found it very informative and practical. The one she attended was on cheesecake. I know another one is planned for sauces and dressings which several of us are planning to attend. I will report. Yes, there is trivia onboard and a lot of people participate actively. To my knowledge none of our group has been involved in the trivia contest. And YES, every evening we find left on our turned down bed the Explorer. This is the Daily four page paper outlining the activities of the following day. It contains valuable information regarding any port we will be visiting as well as scheduled entertainment and other informative tidbits.



Hi Wendell,

Many of us here in the community have been marveling at your incredible cruise blog! It feels like we are right there with you! Out of curiosity, are you going to see Recife, Brazil or was that one of the ports changed on your itinerary? We have a friend from Recife and were hoping to catch some photos to show her. Anyhow, enjoy the sunshine as we again prepare for possible snow tomorrow morning! Send our love to the rest of your group!

Thanks for sharing your adventures,

Looks terrific!

Carol Horowitz

Thanks Carol, I am glad you are enjoying the blog. Unfortunately Recife is one of the changes in our itinerary. We were looking forward to visiting the Colonial city of Olinda near Recife. It is our understanding that the change stemmed from the “enforcement” of a local law regarding the seaman papers of any Pilipino crew. Apparently this is a common problem in ports in this part of the world. Local politicians at their whim can change the rules at anytime in an attempt to exhort additional fees from the cruise lines. Often it is easier (and less expensive) to just go somewhere else.



Such a good looking group the 6 of you make! Thanks again for your fabulous postings and pictures. It is the next best thing to being there!

Carol Gentle

Thank you Carol!

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1 Response to Day 22 – Wednesday, January 26 – Maceio, Brazil

  1. Carol Horowitz says:

    Thanks for the information, Wendell! Keep sending the photos! I’m sure my friend will love to see photos of Olinda since it’s nearby her hometown. Looks like you are enjoying better weather in recent days. Hope this holds true for the rest of your journey! Your dialogue is appreciated as are the terrific photos!
    Hi to all!
    Carol Horowitz

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