Day 42 – Tuesday, February 15 – Drake Passage

We had a good night, comparatively. I really slept in this morning; not up until 8:15. Waves have consistently been in the 15-18 foot range for the past 24 hours but the weather has been great. We have clear skies and only moderate winds. For the Drake Passage this is considered very good. It is a challenge to navigate around the ship, take a shower or even eat a meal. Someone commented at lunch today that we were having “fast food”, you had to chase it down as it slid across the table! We are expected to be reaching Cape Horn around 7:00 PM this evening; unfortunately we do not have the luxury of time to circle the Cape. That would involve having to get a Chilean pilot onboard if we come within three miles of the Cape. We will be able to see the Cape but at a distance. We must continue on to the Beagle Strait where we will take on an Argentine Pilot to navigate us to Usuaia, where we are due early in the morning.

I had a few more photos I meant to post yesterday which I missed. I have included those here. If I am able to get some good photos of the Cape this evening I will post those as well.

Palmer station staff loading their zodiac.

Note their gear. They have to travel several miles to the station through 6 to 8 foot waves, 30 mph winds and light snow.

A wide angle shot of the two boats on their way to Plamer Station in the distance.


Just a couple of scenic views from the past few days

Sunrise a couple of days ago


The controls on the port side wing bridge.

As I write this it is 1:45 AM local time. This morning I attended a lecture on Antarctic Ice by our onboard geologist. I know that probably doesn’t sound too interesting to you at home, but having just left all that ice behind, I found it quite enjoyable. I am going to a presentation by the 3rd Officer about the bridge and ship operation at 2:30 PM, then a lecture about Punta Arenas by our travel guide Frank Buckingham at 3:30 PM. I will have to leave Frank’s lecture early because I have a hair cut appointment at 4:00 PM. Tuesdie I wish you were here, I hate to have my hair cut by a new stylist!

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1 Response to Day 42 – Tuesday, February 15 – Drake Passage

  1. Marcia says:

    hee, hee………guess hair grows while you are cruising too! I hadn’t really thought about that. The pictures are breath-taking, although I am sure they really don’t do it justice! Miss y’all!

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