Day 47 – Sunday, February 20 Puerto Montt, Chile

Puerto Montt is a port city in southern Chile, locdated at the northern end of the Reloncavi Sound in th Llanquihue Province, the Lake Region. The population of Puerto Montt is approximately 180,000 and is part of Chilean Patagonia.

Puerto Montt is the capital of the X (tenth) region of Chile and is the main seaport at the end of the western continental land of Chile. One of the many industries in the area is salmon aquaculture. Puerto Montt is often referred to as the Salmon Capital of Chile. Outside of Norway, the cityis configured as the hub of the largest salmon industry of the world. Other important industries include agriculture, forestry and touristy.

Known for its natural beauty, the Lake District’s unofficial boundary is the Bio Bio River which demarcates Chilean Patagonia’s northern boundary. South of the river, earth and water contrive in a series of cerulean lakes that reflect majestic ice-capped volcanoes, and ancient trees.

Named for its 12 largest glacially carved lakes, the region has dozens of smaller lakes as well. Rivers and streams link to some of Chile’s richest freshwater fishing grounds. Six volcanoes line the district’s center.

The area has a definite German influence. The first German colonists arrived in the area in 1852 and their descendants have remained a small but influential part of the culture. This influence may be seen in the European architecture.


View from our anchorage in Puerto Montt

We arrived in Puerto Montt about 8:00 AM. We had a full day tour planned to start at 10:00. The ship was cleared by customs a little early, and Thom our Cruise Director was kind enough to give our group the first tender tickets, since the HAL tours did not start until 10:00 AM. We were on our bus and our tour started by 10:30 which was pretty good time.

Soon after boarding the bus and beginning our fairly long travel to the lake country, we observed a scene from the window which I wish I could have videoed. There was a young boy about 10 or 11 years old obviously taking his younger sister (about 6) to church. It was about 10:30 Sunday morning. They were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk. They met another young man slightly older, maybe 14. As the two young men met each other they stopped, greeted each other and then shook hands. Then the older boy bent over and gave the little girl a hug. They then nodded to each other and continue on their way in opposite directions.

Not the little girl described above, but a cutie I saw in a local market.

The bus ride was long and hot. It was a nice bus, but there was no airconditioning, and the area was experiencing the warmest day of the year. In fact I believe they actually set a record high of around 80 degrees. In addition of the heat, there were several delays due to road construction, even on Sunday. The area is still recovering from the earthquakes experienced last year. There was considerable damage done to their roads. Other than what was under repair, the highways are in excellent condition and the area is most beautiful.

I literally took hundreds of photos of volcanoes and falls, but I will only include a few for your viewing enjoyment!

Our guide Philippe, teaches English and speaks several other languages.

Osorno Volcano


We had a lot of scenic view as we made our way to Petrohue Waterfalls. The falls were crowded, but the falls were wonderful. Supplied from glacial melt, and cut through volcanic rock, the views were spectacular.

This photo was taken from the back yard of the owner of the restaurant where we ate lunch. How would you like this view every morning?

Our lunch was a delicious Chilean Steak and vegetables. It was served with bread and I had a local beer. Dessert was a type of cheesecake with blueberries, I believe. Fruits and berries grow plentiful in this region. Our lunch also included the national drink, a Pisco Sour. As much as I would have like to try the drink, we had been warned before leaving the ship to be careful. One of the ingredients is whipped raw egg white. If it is not prepared properly, food poisoning to our uninitiated stomach can result. Most of our group passed up the Pisco. Hopefully our host was not offended.

During lunch we were entertained by this young couple who performed some of the traditional dances of the region. The young lady was the daughter of the owners of our tour company.

We made our way back through the construction to the small town of Puerto Varas, located on Lake Llanguihue. Here we watch thousands of people enjoy the chilly waters of the lake. It’s a Sunday and it’s summer here. The locals were not only enjoying the beaches, but each other as well!

The little girl was holding a cell phone, perhaps to call 911 in case of an emergency?

On our way back, we stopped at a supermarket. Most of us wanted to pick up a few things to take back to the ship. We got a fifth of Jack Daniels ($31) and a 6 pack of can coke ($4). Holland America is very considerate with their policy regarding alcohol, at least on the longer Grand Voyages. There has not been a problem with bringing beer, wine or liquor onboard. The market was as modern as any you might see in the states. It was located inside a larger mall. As we were leaving, Kay noticed a McDonalds. What was interesting it that it was a kiosk.

I don’t believe I have ever seen one like this before. McDonalds is everywhere…

Here are just a few more photos I will throw in which I took today.

Llama seen along the highway.

Another volcano photo

Carl look across from his veranda.

We are at sea on Monday and will be at Robinson Crusoe Island on Wednesday.









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  1. Carol Gentle says:

    Hi Everybody: I have been away for a few days so am playing catchup. Great pics as usual. Keep them coming!


  2. Judy Allen says:

    Hey Wendell, I hope nothing is wrong and you are just taking a break. I have missed reading your blog!!!! Judy

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