Day 8 – Wednesday January 12 – At Sea

With today being a sea day, I don’t expect a great many things to report on. Therefore I am taking this time to respond to some comments which have been posted on my blog over the past few days. I am using this format instead of directly responding to each comment in order to conserve internet time. For some reason, HAL does not “give away” internet accessJ.

We are at sea today and will be entering the mouth of the Amazon later tonight. We expect to be in port at Macapa around 4:00AM tomorrow morning. I believe we have a city tour planned for Macapa.

To all of our friends in Georgia, we appreciate you taking to time to let us know how things are back home. I know you are enjoying the snow; it’s just the ice which is no fun. Again, I ask that you all be careful, if you have an accident we can’t bring you any chicken soup!

Now to some of the comments:


I am having ALMOST as much fun reading your blog as you are travelling. Well, not quite. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this wonderful adventure!


Thanks Carol, I am glad you are enjoying the blog. We wish all our friends could be with us.



Too bad you are not here. It is really nice and we are playing tennis tomorrow. Tom says he is pretty sure he can get the snow off the courts if it will just stop for a while. Then we will probably go snorkeling in the lake if we can break thru the ice.

Watching for your next blog, then I will tell you some more news from Soleil.

Mike, it sound like you might be having more fun than us! I knew you had many talents but did not know ice snorkeling was one of them…



Trust me; you won’t come away from Rio’s H. Stern Workshop empty handed!


Becky, I am sure you are right, but then again I didn’t really expect to!



Wow -sounds like a fabulous trip so far and you are only at day 6! Give Kay a hug from me. After two days of snow keeping the museum closed we’re back to work tomorrow. I don’t really want to leave my couch! BRRRRR!!!!


Allison thanks for the note. All of the reports we have had from home indicates an incredibly heavy snowfall for this time of year. To close the museum for two days it must have been something!



You are doing an excellent job on the blog. We are traveling with you guys (vicariously) afterall. How’s the food? Are they giving you any little gifts/surprises on the grand voyage? Do they still do the towel animals at night? Stay cool.

Paul & Debs

Hi Paul & Debs, I am sorry you guys decided not to make the cruise this time. We too were disappointed in the last minute changes in the itinerary but so far we have had a great journey. It has taken a few days to get settled in, but we are beginning to feel “at home”. In regards to the food, it is excellent. The biggest problem, especially at dinner, is deciding which appetizer and entree to have. After a week on the sea I have not been disappointed in any meal. I personally am struggling to maintain my weight, but by making conscious choices (and a few sacrifices) I feel it might be possible to gain only a few pounds on this journey.

Yes, we do have a new “towel animal” to greet us each night when we return from dinner. We always look forward to our new guest for the night!

And yes, we have received many little gifts. I am not sure if I can remember them all but so far from HAL we have received a nice canvas tote, a bound journal to record our trip, and we each received a very nice leather wallet to carry our ship board cards, etc. We have also received gifts from our TA, Cruise Specialists. In addition HAL has sponsored several events where free drinks were supplied. In fact, other than having wine with dinner, there has not been a great need to purchase additional alcoholic beverages. Most of my beverage purchases has been in the way of espresso and other coffee drinks in the Java Bar which is excellent.

It is about 4:00 PM as I write this. So far today, we had breakfast; Kay attended the daily Good Morning Prinsendam with Thom, our cruise director at 9 AM. At 10 AM we attended a presentation on excursions in the upcoming ports. At 11:00 a lecture was given by Frank Buckingham our travel guide regarding things to see and do in Parintins & Alter do Chao, stops along the Amazon in the next few days. Frank who is a fount of information also provided some history and current data about these ports of call. We had lunch in the formal dining room and met four new friends. After spending a little time on the lido deck we retired to our cabin where I just completed an hour nap. Kay has left to hear a lecture in the Exploration Speaker series by George Sranko, the naturalist I mentioned in my last post. The topic today is Amazon Myths and Mysteries Revealed. I really wanted to attend but feared I couldn’t stay awake. The forward part of the ship where the showroom theater is located really has a nice movement which tends to literally “rock me to sleep”.

Dinner is only 1 ½ hours away and it is another formal night. I noticed that one of the menu selections tonight is lobster… I didn’t look any further for other selections… After dinner we are invited to a drop-in party hosted by our travel agent (more free booze). Afterword (at 8 PM) Kay and I plan to watch the movie Knight and Day in the theater. Then we might come back to the showroom and see the late show entertainment at 10PM, a jazz musical staring Suzy Woods, vocalists.

Whew, I’m tired just writing about what we are doing between now and midnight. Maybe the nap I just finished will help get me through.

See you tomorrow….

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2 Responses to Day 8 – Wednesday January 12 – At Sea

  1. Bruce Morgan says:

    Hi Wendell,
    We are enjoying your blog entries, and appreciate the effort. Glad to hear that you are all well, and enjoying yourselves. Barbara and I miss you all, and wish we oculd have shared this adventure with you. Saw the pictures from your balconey. Did you all get upgraded to balconies? The ice and snow here are finally starting to melt a little. I forgot how much fun it is to shovel out a driveway. I thought you Southern folks said it never snows in Georgia. Tell the gang HELLO from me, and HELLO Y’ALL from Barbara. Have a ball, Bruce

  2. Judy Allen says:

    Wendell, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog!!!!!!! You are missing the most snow and ice since the blizzard of 1993, plus it is colder! We have not lost power, thank goodness. We have been shut in since Sunday and don’t expect to be able to get out before Saturday. Isn’t HAL a great cruise line? We just love cruising with them. Judy Allen

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