Day 11 – Later in the day :)

Hello everyone. I must say that I was overwhelmed with the responses I received when I asked if my postings were too long. I guess I didn’t really expect a response. I seem to have gotten so involved with writing the blog, that I almost forget that I am actually writing for an audience. I sometimes just let my thoughts make it to the keyboard without a great deal of thought…. Probably not a good thingJ. I do appreciate everyone who is following and especially those who care to share a comment. I wish I could respond to every comment, but it is just not possible; due to time restraints and more importantly cost restraints. I am able to compose my blogs offline using Word and then log onto the internet service and make my post. In order to respond to comments it is necessary for me to be logged on and the cost is just too great. Please know that I read every comment and will try to answer questions, either on the blog if it is of a general interest or through email otherwise. I do my email the same way, compose, logon and then send.

Again, thanks for reading and I wish every one of you could be here with us. The only thing missing from this trip is our friends and family. We love you all!

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3 Responses to Day 11 – Later in the day :)

  1. nate says:

    Great pics we also enjoy reading your blog
    the erwins

    • Diane Pappalardo says:

      I save the days and read 3-4 at a time…. makes me feel like I am actually traveling in real time..tell Sandra and David I ice skated to their house and the plants are happy! Thank you so much for the wonderful travelog you are creating for all of us here at home. Diane

  2. Lynn Avery says:

    Kay and Wendell,
    I’m now caught up with your trip. How marvelous! I feel I’m there with you. We had a bit of sadness last night. Yes, the Falcons wonderfully exciting season came to an abrupt end with the tromping from the Packers 48-21. Kay, you look like you’re having a great time. Journey on!

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