Day 45 & 46 – Friday & Saturday, February 18 & 19– Scenic cruising Chilean Fjords

Well, these two days were supposed to be scenic cruising of the Chilean Fjords, but unfortunately Friday was pretty much a wipe out. It was overcast and raining the entire day. I did take a few photos from the veranda; the one below was pretty much typical of what we say all day. Don’t get me wrong, it was still beautiful and I very much enjoyed watching the islands, inlets and hill pass by. It just wasn’t a photogenic day.

We pretty much spent the day getting caught up from two days of excursions. We straighten the cabin and put purchases away. It was a great “reading day”. It was quite pleasant to just sit on the sofa, read and watch the rainy scenery pass by our window.

Just after dinner it began to clear and I got a great sunset photograph from our veranda.

We are sailing north and since we have a port side cabin, we face due west.

At this point we have again left the narrow channels of the fjords and reentered the Pacific. The Prinsendam is just too large to safely sail at night through the fjords. We will be remaining in the Pacific until mid-afternoon Saturday. We will reenter the fjords at the Darwin Channel, and begin making our way to Puerto Montt, Chile. We are expected to dock around 10:00 AM Sunday. We have a full day tour scheduled. This is another tour we arranged with the Cruise Critic Forum group. So far these tours have been great. It is a fun group of people and the value of these tours are much better than the ship’s tours. The group is also a smaller, more intimate size.

This morning we were awake early, just before sunrise. The skies had cleared again and I managed to get this photograph of the moon setting on the Pacific.

I haven’t talked about food much lately, but I thought I would tell about breakfast this morning. I got dressed and went to the Lido about 6:45 AM. Kay was reading. I planned to have a light breakfast, cereal, fruit and coffee. When I got there I found the chefs had prepared a buffet style Pilipino breakfast. I could not pass up the opportunity to try these dishes.

I tried some of everything and it was all delicious. (I know some of the girls at Northside would not agree with meJ) I am afraid I cannot tell you the names of the dishes, but I will give you a description. I had garlic fried rice, a stewed dish of tomatoes and sardines (yes, sardines), a thinly sliced beef cooked with onions and garlic, pan seared mackerel again seasoned with onions and garlic. This was served with ordinary scrambled eggs. The bread was a delicious white wheat roll and also a small pastry made from rice flour, it was sweet and delicious. So much for my light breakfast, I will have to make up for it at lunch.


The weather is was today, unfortunately there was not much to see except the Pacific. That was until the captain came on the “all call” intercom of the ship at about 1:30 and announced we had a problem. Folks, it’s not good when the captain goes on all call and says there is a problem. Well, it turned out it wasn’t a real serious problem, and in the end everyone was joking about it. In fact, the entertainment this evening was a comedian and he actually based about half of his act around the incident.

It turned out that for the last several hours we had been passing through a very large concentration of krill or small shrimp. In fact the concentration was so large they were clogging the cooling intake filters of the ship. Despite continuous efforts by the crew to keep the filters clean, it had reached the point where it was necessary to stop the ship and clean then entire system. The captain said this could take hours, and it did.

The upside of this was that whales feed on the krill and so we were basically being carried along by the ocean current for several hours with all these whales having a buffet. I am sure many people who take whale watching escursions would have loved to been with us. Here are a few photos I took from our veranda.


Good photo of a blow

In this one you can see the whale and the blow

And finally one of just a whale. They were huge. I am sorry, but I haven’t even asked what species of whale these are.

We actually watched whales from our dinner table this evening, at which time the captain announced the system had been cleaned of shrimp and we would be glad to know we had enough shrimp to last us the remainder of the cruise with shrimp at every meal J.

The down side of the delay caused by the shrimp, we were not able to make our turn into Darwin Channel as planned. Instead we continued up the Pacific coast to another Channel, Ninualac Channel, I believe. After dinner we spent a couple of hours on deck to observe the beauty of the passing scenery and the sunset.





The “Group”, protected behind a windscreen on the observation deck.




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2 Responses to Day 45 & 46 – Friday & Saturday, February 18 & 19– Scenic cruising Chilean Fjords

  1. Pauline and Mike says:

    Wendall and Kay….what a great job on your first blog. We are so glad we met all you “Georgia guys and gals” and were able to share this wonderful cruise with you. Looking forward to our paths crossing again (via cruise ship or road trip)…do stay in touch.

  2. Needless to say I enjoyed your blog very much. You may recall Gloria and I (Brad a.k.a mrvideo) we were the last stateroom on the cabin crawl, if you attended.

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