7 Days Until…



It is with mixed emotions that I watch the time remaining until we depart seemingly fly by. As excited as the anticipated trip is, I am already missing my children and grandchildrenL. This in part is due to the time together with the family during the holidays. I ALWAYS miss them most just after they leave for home. This time though they won’t be just 6 hours away, but half a world away. This makes it harder. We will only be gone for two and one-half months, but that is a lot of time in the life of a 10 month old. We will miss the first birthday of our youngest grandchild, Bennett as well as his mother, Marcia (I won’t tell which one she is celebrating!). Our other grandson Camden will be turning two soon after we return and Sara Grace is four going on 14! I know they will have changed considerably by the next time we see them. We will keep in touch by email and phone and be able to share photos of life events as well. This is ENOUGH of my self pity; after all we are going on a Grand Voyage to see sights never seen and have experiences of a lifetime.

It is only one week until we depart Atlanta for Fort Lauderdale. There is still much to do, but the list is getting smaller. Today our four largest pieces of luggage were picked up by FedEx. As per the norm for us, everything did not go as planned. We received the shipping labels last week from Holland America with very clear instructions. No problem. FedEx was to make the pickup between Noon and 4:00 PM today. I had some errands to run in the morning so we got everything ready for pickup and I left for the Bank. Kay called me while I was at the teller window and said we had a problem. FedEx was at the house for the pickup and it was only 10:30 AM, but the problem was the labels. Holland America sent four labels, but there were only two tracking numbers. I needed to come home immediately. To my surprise, when I arrived home (about 10 minutes later), the FedEx truck was still in front of my house. I met the delivery man, Buck Earwood, and he informed me that he was taking care of the problem. He made some calls, got the correct information and was printing new shipping labels in his truck. It turned out the labels for the Jarvis’ and the Wellborns’ were also in error and had to be corrected as well.

I want to thank Buck for his effort which was beyond what could have reasonably been expected. He took care of our problem although I am sure that our dilemma extended his work day and made it more difficult to complete on time. Kudos for Buck and FedEx.

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1 Response to 7 Days Until…

  1. Sue & Jerry says:

    We are so jealous, but we love the idea of your long cruise. You both take care of each other, make like sponges and soak it all in. Sounds like Holland and FedEx are taking good care of their customers already.

    Have fun, we love you both!

    Sue, Jerry and Cooper (woof!)

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